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Community Action Partnership Commission


Purpose of the Community Action Commission

In accordance with Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s Policy A-21, Advisory Boards, Commissions and Committees, the Community Action Commission (CAC) advises the Riverside County Board of Supervisors consistent with the Delineation of Powers Agreement between Governing Board and the Community Action Commission. The primary purpose of the CAC is to provide guidance to the Board on anti-poverty programming, funding and to amplify the needs of low-income communities and residents.

Commission Structure

The CAC is a tripartite board composed of a minimum of fifteen (15) members representing three sectors: one-third (1/3) shall represent the Public Sector; one third (1/3) shall be low-income individuals or shall be representatives of the low-income community; and one third (1/3) shall represent the Private Sector as members of business, industry, labor, religious, education or other major group and interests in the community served. All members shall represent a Riverside County supervisorial district and shall be formally appointed by the Board of Supervisors.