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Success Stories


Truly appreciate your help and going above and beyond to assist with getting funds in order to help with electricity. Thanks so much, God bless you.

Monica M. Briggs
Program: Utility Assistance

I have been prepared for the future, I’m very grateful that CAP Riverside was able to give me the opportunity to join Pre-Apprenticeship Program, they gave me a job and it was a positive experience.

Diana Pacheco
Program: Pre-Apprenticeship

To the staff of LIHEAP Riverside County Office: The funds approved for our house this summer are so very much appreciated, more than you know. Thank you, again.

Program: Utility Assistance

During the training, the instructor taught us how to talk to people and let them know we’re listening. She also taught us how to calm individuals down if they start raising their voice or if they are feeling a little too strongly about what they are saying. A helpful leadership skill that I have developed from Peer Mediation, is my ability to talk to people when they need someone to help them solve their conflicts with others. This helps with my personal life too because my friends know they can come to me if they need someone to help them work out their conflicts.

Callie S., Student at Dorothy McElhinney Middle School

Program: Dispute Resolution

The Mediator made the learning very fun. The leadership skills I have gathered/developed during peer mediation is being able to ask questions. It comes easy because now because I know what to ask. The knowledge I have gained has affected everything and I can now solve problems between friends and family. My personality is calmer and I am more open with others. School is easier because I am helping my community and I feel better about myself and who I am.

Brittany H., Student at Dorothy McElhinney Middle School

Program: Dispute Resolution