Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness


A Disaster or Emergency can happen at any time. Will you be ready?  Being prepared for the unexpected will  help reduce stress and fear when a disaster strikes. Community Action encourages families to get involved and get trained  in disaster preparedness efforts, September is National Preparedness Month. Develop or check your disaster supplies inventory with your family, customize disaster supplies to your needs (don’t forget young children, those with special needs, and pets).

Check List

Flashlight and extra batteries or a crank flashlight.

Portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries or crank radio.

First aid kit (get CPR/First aid certified).

Emergency food and water.

Nonelectric can opener.

Essential medicines.

Cash (small bills) and credit cards.

Sturdy shoes (keep one pair under your bed).


Community Action is doing its part to make sure that Riverside County, and in particular its vulnerable populations (elderly, disabled, homeless, and families with young children) are prepared for disaster when it strikes. Cool and Warm Centers are located county-wide. They provide a safe place for people, especially those most vulnerable, to escape extreme seasonal temperatures and save money on their utility bills. Cool Centers are active June through October, and Warm Centers are active December through March. For additional disaster preparedness, visit the sites listed below.



Ready.gov Disaster Preparedness USGS FEMA.gov