No Cost Weatherization Services
A certified Energy Inspector will visit you for a thorough inspection to assess the needs of your home. The Inspector will then design, within the program's constraints, a customized set of conservation measures. CAP will make the needed improvements, at no cost to you.

Why Weatherize
Low-income residents pay a large percentage of their income to heat and cool their homes.
· Lowers heating and cooling costs
· Makes your home more energy efficient
· Makes your home safer and healthier 

Typical Weatherization Work
The following are examples of what can be included in weatherizing your home:

  • Sealing drafts and air leaks
  • Improving the efficiency of your heating system
  • Adding insulation
  • Identifying indoor air quality problems
  • Installing other energy-saving devices
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Hot water heater tank blankets
  • Pipe wrap 

Since its beginning in 1979, the Community Action Weatherization program has been helping low-income households across the county make their homes more energy efficient and reduce their energy costs. Necessary conservation improvements are made at no cost to eligible households.


Weatherization application can be found on the "Forms" tab or by Clicking here.