The Veterans Employment and Education Program (V.E.E.P.) was piloted in 2012. In 2013, four veterans completed the first phase of the program and ten were accepted into the second phase. Many Veterans are facing problems with employment assistance because they are not equipped with adaptable civilian skills, networking capabilities with businesses, and social contacts once they have discharged from the military.

This program allows veterans an opportunity to transition into the civilian workforce. V.E.E.P places veterans into our partner companies for a 6-month paid training program. Our goal is to have the employer hire the veteran after they have completed their 6-month training, or prepare them with the skills and experience needed to build their resume for other prospect employers.

For more information contact the Community Action office at
(951) 955-4900, or visit our Riverside office at 2038 Iowa Ave. Suite B-102 Riverside, CA 92507.



Veterans Requirements:
Veterans must complete or have ALL items to be eligible for The Veterans Employment Training program:




They must qualify under the 2015 Veteran Income Certificate Guidelines to enter into the program (The total number of people in their household equaled to the annual income for their household must match up to the guidelines).
They must complete the application. Click here to download
A copy of their DD-214
An employment resume
Complete an interview with the CAP Riverside VET Program Coordinator/ Staff
Be able to complete 6 months of 40 hours/week on-the-job training

Impact Stories

The V.E.E.P. program has such an amazing impact on my life. I was unemployed for three months before I found the flyer from CAP Riverside in Moreno Valley Library. Not only did I receive paid training through Habitat for Humanity Restore, but I was able to get back on my feet, made connections in my community, and worked in an environment that became a family to me. V.E.E.P. became the stepping stone I needed to get to the next step of my career journey. As a Navy Veteran, I feel appreciated and not alone.

                                                                                     Alexis Casiday