Riverside County was formally designated as an anti-poverty agency by Alphonse Rodriguez, Administrator, Region IX, D-H.H.S.
The Board of Supervisors asked the Mayor’s and Councilmen’s Conference (now the California League of Cities) to identify five cities to fill the Public Sector slots. The cities are Banning, Coachella, Palm Springs, Perris and the City of Riverside (the latter holds a permanent seat).
An election was held via community meetings for five Low-Income Sector representatives. The Public and Low-Income Sectors selected Private Sector representatives after the Needs Assessments was completed per the Bylaws.
The Board of Supervisors ordered County Counsel to draft a “Delineation of Powers” agreement with the Commission.
Lois Carson was hired as Executive Director in September by Brigitte Page, Commission Chairman and Robert Fitch, County Executive Officer.
The first Community Needs Assessment was conducted in order to submit the Community Action Plan to Federal Region IX of C.S.A.
The first Plan was developed with Slaughter & Associates for nearly $1 million which was earmarked for Riverside County.
The first Bylaws, submitted to Region IX, CSA, were approved.
Brigette Page, Public Sector, (Mayor, City of Banning) re-elected first Chairman of the Community Action Commission 1981-82.
First Community Action Programs Initiated by the Commission:
Pre-Apprenticeship Program was designed to give small businesses who could not participate in the County job training program.
San Gorgonio Child Care Center and Jurupa Child Care Center initiated with land for $1 per year and a CDBG. Perris Child Care Center was initiated in 1985.
CAP Riverside helps create Coachella Valley Housing Coalition – provides first grant.
1983 Voted to hold six meetings in Banning, “mid-point of the County” and two in other locations annually.
Voted to offer a permanent Alternate seat to the County Head Start Policy Council.
Voted to revise the terms of office for Low-Income and Private Sectors to 6 years and to continue the process of election for Low-Income representatives.
Voted to give permanent seats to Labor and Education.
George Contreras, Private Sector representative, (Lions Club of Perris) was elected Chairman of the Board 1983-84.
Re-affirmed permanent seat on the Commission for the City of Riverside, (the county seat.)
Community Action granted full department status following Commission’s successful defeat of attempted takeover by Paul Wiley of DPSS.
Commission requested the first Joint Meeting with the Board of Supervisors.
Junius Pierson, Low-Income representative, District 5, (Perris) was elected Chairman of the Board 1985-86.
Ralph Snow, Private Sector (Central Labor Council) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1987-88.
Community Action assumed coordination of Homeless Services for the County, City of Riverside and other cities managing funds from FEMA, HUD and State H.C.D. and local CDBG.
Serves as staff to FEMA Local Board which provided governance to the Homeless delivery system for the county.
Mildred Tyler, Private Sector representative (NCNW, Riverside) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1989-90.
Lois Carson was elected President of Board of the Cal-Neva State Association at its convention hosted by CAP in Palm Springs, and served two terms.
Warren Maple, Low-Income representative, District 3 (Banning) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1991-92.
Joy Schlendorf, Private Sector, (Soroptimist Club of Palm Springs) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1993-94; Later became Public Sector representative when she was elected to the Palm Springs City Council.
Lois Carson and Tom Tenorio became Certified Community Action Professionals (CCAPs) in the inaugural class by the National Association of Community Action Agencies (NACAA) at its convention in San Diego.
Voted to create a non-profit to provide micro business and first-time homebuyer loans. The Community Investment Corp. (C.I.C.) is a C.D.F.I. (Community Development Financial Institution) to whose Board the Commission appoints 51% of its members.
Jesse Washington, Public Sector representative (Mayor, City of Perris) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1995-96.
Dispute Resolution Center is established. The DRC is selected to provide volunteer mediation services in the Riverside County Courts by Superior Court Judge Charles Field.
Lois Carson was elected President of the Board of the National Association of Community Action Agencies (NACAA) in Washington, DC and served two terms from 1996-2000.
Virginia MacDonald, Private Sector representative, (Riverside Community College) was elected Chairman of the Board 1997-98.
The Commission voted to support a position of Deputy Director with the Chairman, Virginia MacDonald, chairing the interview process
John Hunt, Public Sector representative (Mayor of Banning) was elected Chairman of the Board for 1999-2000.
Participated in California Mentoring Partnership with First Lady Sharon Davis, on the goal of 1-million mentors; attended first meeting of Pac Bell’s Universal Services Task Force (USTF) which is required for seven years as a factor of the Pac Bell/SBC merger.
Past Program Participant, Elaine McFadden wins 2000 National Sargeant Shriver award.
Art Garcia, Private Sector representative (Central Labor Council) was elected Chairman of the Board for 2001.
The Commission adopted a Code of Ethics to govern themselves.
Voted also that “Alternates” will have full privileges re committee service and retreats and selected conferences.
Energy Task Force created to address rising energy rates and their impact on low-income people.
Implemented the Summer Heat Crisis Response, with its signature Cool Center component, following the deregulation of the electric industry in California.
Ron Oden, Public Sector representative, (Palm Springs City Council) was elected Chairman of the Board for 2002 and relinquished the chair when he was elected Mayor of the City of Palm Springs. Vice Chair Deborah Franklin serves out term as Chair for 2002.
The Commission, at a joint retreat with the San Bernardino Commission, voted to expand to both counties the Saving for Success program; it is now the Inland Empire Saving for Success Program.
Maria Juarez became a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP)
Deborah Franklin, Low-Income representative, District 3, (Banning) was elected Chairman of the Board for a full two-year term 2003-04.
Janet Hough became a Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP)
The Commission recommended and the Board of Supervisors adopted the vision of Bliss County and the goal of ending poverty in 30 years.
Organized an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Network in California.
Symposium I: Alternative Sources of Energy, for locally elected officials at Palm Springs City Hall. Speaker was Mr. Curtis Framel, from US Department of Energy, who summed the day urging the pursuit of alternative sources of energy: “The Southern California desert is the Saudi Arabia of the US; the sun will always shine, the wind will always blow and the ground will always be hot”.
CAP Riverside becomes Certifying Organization for the Presidents Volunteer Service Award.
CAP Riverside earned the 2005 Award for Excellence from the National Community Action Partnership (formerly NACAA). Hurricane Katrina prevented receipt of the award at the national convention slated for New Orleans. County Supervisor Jeff Stone accompanied the CAP delegation to Florida to belatedly receive the award.
2006 William Claire, Private Sector representative (Diocese of San Bernardino) was elected Chairman of the Board for 2006-07.
Symposium II: Solar Energy for Affordable Housing with Diane Grueneich, member of the California Public Utilities Commission who declared all the forces are aligned to promote solar exploration.
Lois Carson received the “Lyndon Baines Johnson Human Services Award” from the national Community Action Partnership at its convention in San Diego.
CAP Riverside, in partnership with UC Riverside, conducts a Cost Benefits Study which indicates a Return on Investment – every $1 invested in the Saving for Success program returns $6 of savings to the County.
Debra Jackson and Kathrine Latta earn Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) certification by national Community Action Partnership and are awarded at the national convention in San Diego.
Dr. Shelagh Camak, Private Sector Representative, (Riverside City College) was elected Chairman of the Board for 2008-09.
Board of Supervisors approved the restoration of Departmental status to CAP Riverside, effective July 1, 2008.
Hosted Symposium: Poverty & Economic Security at the Morongo Tribal Community Center attended by 250 people.
Open House for newly expanded and renovated office is held on September 15. Brigitte Page Conference Room, Robert Lingafelter Training Room and Lois J. Carson Community Room are dedicated.
Website goes live on October 30.
CAP Riverside invited to and participates in a national study on Racial Equity and Economic Security funded by the Ford Foundation and held at the Aspen Institute in Aspen Colorado.
Symposium III: “Green Energy Symposium” is held in the City of Riverside; focus was on green and renewable energy technology and jobs. Assemblymen Manuel Perez and Brian Nestande participated. The symposium was co-sponsored with CAP Riverside by Riverside Public Utilities.
CAP Riverside initiates a pilot program called GREEN TEAMWorks. The program recruits, hires, trains and deploys emancipated foster youth into weatherization and home rehabilitation jobs.
CAP Riverside Cool Centers report a record number of people (17,000) visiting a Cool Center during the hottest days of the summer months. 46 agencies partnered in 2009 and two Pet Cool Centers opened in Banning. The sites donate space, utilities and manpower. Over 1,575 volunteer hours were donated to this effort.
The CAP Mobile is launched as CAP Riverside’s mobile office. It is able to travel to remote parts of the county and bring much needed low-income services to isolated residents.
CAP Riverside is the first Community Action Agency in California to meet the Department of Energy and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) certification to begin the stimulus-funded weatherization program. CAP Riverside subcontractor James D. Restoration weatherized the first ARRA house in California on December 15.
Jenice Haskin, Private Sector Representative, (United Way of the Inland Valleys) was elected Chairman of the Board 2010-2011.
CAP Riverside celebrates its 30th Anniversary as a community action agency.
CAP Riverside exceeded its goals for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects, creating 132 new jobs and impacting 222,861 individuals and families in Riverside County.
The Dispute Resolution Center begins offering free community conflict workshops.
Lois J. Carson, CCAP, retires after 30 years of service as CAP Riverside Executive Director. Carson is honored by the Board of Supervisors and at an Open House at CAP Riverside on December 14.
CAP Riverside distributes over 800 coats and jackets and 2,200 blankets to low-income victims of the severe storms and cold weather that hit Riverside County in late December, 2010.
Maria Y. Juarez, CCAP begins service as CAP Riverside Executive Director after being selected by County CEO Bill Luna.
CAP Riverside starts Round II of GREEN TEAMWorks in partnership with Riverside Public Utilities. A class of nine starts the program in January and graduates in November.
CAP Riverside partners with community organizations on the Food Security Project. This program provides nutritional and healthy eating education to low-income seniors, veterans, disabled and families with young children.
CAP Riverside opens 29 Warm Centers to provide safe and warm locations where individuals can escape cold weather from December through March.
CAP Riverside Partners with Catholic Charities on a Poverty Simulation that was held on May 19 at Kansas Avenue Seventh Day Adventist Church in Riverside to mark Community Action Month. Over 100 participated.
Maria Y. Juarez is elected to the National Community Action Partnership Board of Directors representing Region IX.
Godwin Aimua, Richard Lemire and Kathryn Snyder earn the Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) certification and are awarded at the national CAP convention in San Francisco.
J. Gene Walker, Low-Income Sector Representative, District 4, (Palm Springs) was elected Chairman of the Board 2012-2013.
CAP Riverside and Catholic Charities present a second Poverty Simulation in the East County at the Indio Youth Center. Over 100 participate and the event is featured on ABC News, Channel 3 in Palm Springs.
The Dispute Resolution Center hosts a Mediation Conference, “Mediation Changes Lives: Bringing Community Together” at the Morongo Community Center with 150 in attendance. Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz was the keynote speaker.
Lanita Tademy earns the Certified Community Action Professional (CCAP) certification and is awarded at the national CAP convention in New York.
Veterans Employment Training (VET) program is launched. Low-income veterans transitioning from military to civilian life receive on-the-job training from business partners, with the goal of permanent employment.
CAP Riverside’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free income tax preparation at a record 20 sites in 2013. Congressman Mark Takano is the featured speaker at EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) Awareness Day, emphasizing the need to capture the $76 million in unclaimed EITC in Riverside County annually.
Phase I VET Program participants graduate, with three obtaining permanent employment and one choosing to further his education, with the goal of starting his own business.
CAP Riverside quickly responds to the Mountain and Silver Fires, providing emergency disaster relief to victims of the fires. CAP Riverside’s assistance fills the needs gaps that other agencies are unable to provide, such as department store vouchers, sleeping bags and blankets, temporary housing cost assistance and utility assistance on a case-by case basis.
Kathryn Snyder, CCAP, is selected as Assistant Director of Community Action.
Susan McKee, Private Sector Representative, (UC Riverside) was elected Chairman of the Board 2014-2015.
The Community Action Network commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Community Action and the “War on Poverty” which was declared by President Lyndon Johnson on January 8, 1964.
CAP Riverside hosts an Open House on May 28 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Community Action. Over 25 community partners had booths at the event attended by over 300, including fellow War on Poverty programs Head Start, Job Corps, Legal Services, and Public Health Clinics.
CAP Riverside and Catholic Charities present a third Poverty Simulation in Temecula at the Community Recreation Center. The Rotary Club of Temecula was a co-sponsor.
John Mooney serves as interim Executive Director and Brenda Salas Freeman serves as interim Assistant Director. 
 Brenda Salas Freeman appointed as Executive Director of Community Action and Deputy Director of Department of Public Health. 
Official new website launched in summer of 2015 with live chat feature to increase communication with our community. Community Action is the first County Department to offer real time support. 
Partnership establish with California Baptist University to offer 30% discount to program participants.
Energy application is now available online for residence seeking utility assistance and weatherization. Community Action of Riverside County is the first to to implement an online application in Southern California. 
Annual volunteer recognition event established.