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Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution

The Community Action Partnership Dispute Resolution Program provides the community with Basic Mediation Training, Peer Mediation Training, Conflict Resolution workshops, and Community Mediation Services.


Community Mediation Service: Mediation is a process through which disputants work together with a Certified Mediator to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement with regard to a dispute. The purpose of Mediation is to settle disputes, not to assign blame, fault nor legally represent either party. Mediation handles a variety of disputes including, but not limited to landlord/tenant disputes, merchant/consumer disputes, neighbor/neighbor disputes, debt consolidation, and small business disputes. Mediation saves money, time, and allows a workable relationship; whereas, the court procedure is time consuming, expensive, and places the parties in adversarial positions. Review and Submit Application here:

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Volunteer Mediators: Facilitate communication, promote understanding, focuses parties on their interest, and seeks creative problem-solving approaches to enable the parties to reach their own agreement. Volunteers gain valuable experience mediating cases at courts throughout the Riverside County Superior Court system and mediating community cases throughout Riverside County. Volunteers are required to complete Basic Mediation training and become Certified Mediators.

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Basic Mediation Training: Community Action Partnership offers a comprehensive Basic Mediation Training for Riverside County residents, consisting of 25 hours of in-class training plus court observa­tions, and co-mediations that meet the certification requirements under the State California Dispute Resolution Programs Act of 1986. All class requirements must be completed within six months from date of final in-class session. This training is available in the spring and fall only.

Peer Mediation Training: Community Action Partnership offers no cost Peer Mediation trainings to schools across Riverside County to help youth resolve conflict and become peace ambassadors. This training is designed to help students come to a better understanding of each other and reach their own solutions to school conflicts (rumors, bullying, etc.) by following a five-step conflict resolution process.  

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Conflict Resolution Workshops: Community Action Partnership offers one or two-hour Conflict Resolution Workshops for the community that covers a broad overview of different approaches to conflict resolution and variables affecting conflict, as well as a step-by-step viable approach to a collaborative conflict resolution style.

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Law Enforcement Referral Training: Community Action Partnership provides a brief presentation for Law Enforcement groups to empower the community through mediation. Brochures and referral cards are provided to Law Enforcements so they can inform and refer residents to mediation services that can help resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner with a win-win outcome.

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